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Calling all Guide users

Okay, we know the Guide has only just been released, but it's never too early to start!
If you own a copy of the Guide, be it a Paperback, eBook, or one of the regional Apps, and you've used it to help with a trip to France, or plan to use it for a forthcoming trip, then we want to hear from you! Whether it's a day trip… a tour… visiting a special event… a rally… whatever the destination, let us know.


Where did you go? How did you plan your trip with the Guide? What did you find most helpful? Tell us all about yourself and your trip, and, of course, your experiences with the guide, and you might even find your experience here, on… we can use your information to make the Guide even better, and there may even be something else as a little merci for your efforts.

So, grab your copy of the Guide, get your camera and notebook ready, and bon voyage! You can give us a summary about yourself and your trip via our Contact page.