The Essential Guide to
Driving in Europe


Driving in Europe on business or pleasure?
This New Edition guide is just for you!

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This New Edition guide is easy-to-use, and helps you to prepare for your European trip and check information on the road. With unrivalled coverage, it provides the key facts you need to drive in 50 countries across Europe – as well as general advice to help you deal with the unexpected, no matter where you are!

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  • All you need to know for a safe and enjoyable European trip
  • New edition: thoroughly updated in 2018
  • Helps you plan your trip and check information on the road
  • General guidance on driving abroad, and country-specific information
  • Specific advice: driving in cities, towing, winter driving …
  • What to do in an emergency: breakdowns, accidents, car crime …
  • Comprehensive coverage: specific information for 50 European countries
  • Speed limits, local rules, and motorway tolls in each country
  • Extensively illustrated with over 200 photos, plus road signs and port maps (UK & Continent)
  • Includes UK information for visitors from USA and Australia

Covering all of Europe, no matter where you're heading, you'll have the information you need to stay safe and legal ...

With 50 countries, many languages, and differing legal requirements, driving in Europe can be a challenge for even the most experienced driver… enter the Essential Guide!

A dedicated chapter provides general advice on driving abroad – regardless of the country you are visiting. You’ll find lots of information on dealing with different driving conditions, with convenient sections covering everything from winter driving, to what to do in an emergency.
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From speed limits, to driving equipment and tolls, handy checklists make it easy to find vital information for each country

Every country in the guide features a comprehensive checklist providing a quick, compact reference to driving requirements – from speed limits and general driving rules, to essential driving equipment and details of tolls.
Some entries include handy QR codes that you can scan on your smartphone or tablet.

Road and traffic signs

Across Europe you'll find many unique road and traffic signs, many of which will be unfamiliar, so to help you, many of the countries in the guide include a selection of roadsigns that you're likely to come across.
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Port maps and ferry operator details

Countries with cross-Channel ports have extra sections providing information on crossings, with contact details for ferry operators. Each port also has a handy map, showing the main routes away from the port – it even gives GPS coordinates for each terminal.

Comprehensive mountain pass and tunnel details

In the Alps, each country has a special feature covering the major mountain passes and tunnels – from opening periods and vital statistics, to tolls and vehicle restrictions.
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Reassurance for the first-timer …
and the latest facts for regular travellers

You'll find plenty of additional information and extras, right here on, and – with its Further information chapter – you'll have access to up-to-the-minute information via scannable QR codes.
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The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe

Wherever you drive in Europe, this guide gives you the facts you need for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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