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Requesting review copies and supplying reviews

Review copies and submissions

Want to review a copy of the Guide? Read on…

We make available a number of copies for reviewers in the press and media, and are always interested to read genuine reviews. Equally, if you have already reviewed the Guide for a publication or website, we'd love to hear it, and maybe add it here, with a link to your original review site or publication.

Requesting a review copy

To request a review copy, please contact, stating which guide you would like to review. There are a few things to keep in mind, so read the following:
First, we ask that you please include the following information when you review our books:
The publisher's name, Veloce Publishing Ltd
The websites, and – just the first one, if space is limited
The book's ISBN (or eISBN for Digital Editions)
The book's Price / Digital Editions vary
Second, if you are publishing your review through a website or online newsletter, then please link back to where possible.
Promotional material
Feel free to use any of the information from our website, or at, to describe or illustrate the book. Our Press Packs also contain a selection of materials.
If you'd like to use a specific image, page, spread, or other information from the guide, then please contact with your request.
Digital editions
If you have a Google account, or use an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and would like to review a copy of the eBook edition, contact – or tweet him @velocedigital

Note: We are currently only able to send review copies of our eBooks from the Apple iBookstore and through Google Books. Please contact us for more details.
Don't forget to join us on social media
Don't forget to join us on social media

Sending us a review

If you've reviewed a copy of one of our Guides and you'd like us to consider publishing your review here, please send it to us with the following details:
The name of your publication
Review publication date (month and year is fine)
A link to the review online, if available
You can either:
Email a PDF, JPEG or link of your review to, or post a clipping of the review or a copy of your publication to following address:

Drive Guide Guru Reviews
Veloce House
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Dorset DT1 3AR

Press Packs

Press Packs are available for both Guides, and contain plenty of material to help illustrate and promote them. If you'd like to use a specific image, page, spread, or other information from the guide, then please contact with your request.

France: The Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts

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Press release

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Cover image

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Sample pages

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Zip format, ~18MB

The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe

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Press release

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Cover image

Stacks Image 13821

Sample pages

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Zip format, ~20MB